Glow In The Dark Stars


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Way back our childhood years, my sisters and I were fond of buying self-adhesive glow in the dark stars and other luminous objects. We would stick them onto our bedroom ceiling and come sleeping and lights off time, we would often glaze up and pretend that we were star gazing. Sometimes, even pretending to make a wish over a falling star. We had a lot of fun transforming our common bedroom into a glowing galaxy. The pack we bought has more than enough stars to make a bunch of constellations on the ceiling and even on our bedroom walls. These are easy to use and weren’t messy at all. Before retiring the night, we point out the names of the constellation.

glow star

I’ll let my son decorate his bedroom too in our future house with these glow in the dark stuffs. At 19 months, he loves staring at the moon at night so I’m sure he’d go gaga with these stuffs in his bedroom ceiling too.

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?


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You Are Possibly Ready to Buy a Home

You may be ready to buy a home, but you probably need to do more research.
Are you really ready to settle down in one place and make a huge financial commitment?
You probably need more time to decide if buying a home is for you.
Crunch the numbers and look at a few open houses. You’ll figure out whether buying a home is something you want right now.

Water Ball Ripples Faucet


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This a lovely addition to any bathroom:

I saw this over at and this is called the Water Ball Ripples.  Designed by Smith Newnam, this is just actually a concept right now. It may look complex at first but controlling it is relatively just easy. The electronically-secured metal ball on top of the faucet’s frosted glass surface controls the water pressure. While the movement around the center controls the temperature. The surface glows red or blue to denote how cold or hot the water is.  Brilliant and attractive, isn’t it?  You would surely love to wash your hands over and over.

The Journey.


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After the wedding, a married couple starts building a family. Some want to conceive a child right away, while some opt to focus on their careers while stabilizing their financial capacity. Ideally, a married couple starts their lives anew under one roof on their own, either by renting or for those who are capable, they buy their own abodes right away. While these may be the ideal setup, some would rather live temporarily with the family of either partner for practical reasons.

We got married in December 2005 and we initially stayed with my in-laws. The husband and I agreed that we could save for our own house fast if we live with them first: no monthly rent fees to pay, shared household expenses and even shared household chores. Of course, there are disadvantages but the pros outweigh the cons in our case. We were both working during that time and as we initially tried to recover the wedding expenses, we started to save as well for the family we’d be raising. We drew our short term and long term plans. Most notable plans that time were to have a child soon; and buy a place that we can call our own in five years time.

Four years later, we are now blessed with an adorable son. As we near the five-year term we’ve set for the house project, there is no better time to start planning and realizing it than now.

So wish us luck and have a ride with us through this blog as we take a journey and make our way to finally realizing that big goal in concrete details.

Our Destination.


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Goal Destination

We’ve already determined our destination and right now, we’ve started to embark towards it.

First step, we’ve carefully set up our goals and plans.

More of these topics in the coming days.