A Comforting and Revitalizing Bathroom


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Bath-002 A huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi (or a grand bath tub), extraordinary yet comfortable toilets, classic and stylish sinks and taps and shower area with electric showers and enclosures, heated tower rails,  is the type that I fancy for our Little Mansion.  However, since our humble 2-storey abode just allows a meager space for two bathrooms, it’s impossible to achieve that.  So as little as they may be, we just make it a point that they are revitalizing and comforting through its simple bathroom designing concept and presentation.   It is necessary to have this prime room where we spend the first five and last five minutes of our day neat and proper at all times because it speaks of how we are as dwellers.

There are actually means and great ways of transforming a simple bathroom to a luxury looking one without having to spend millions or without needing that huge space of the house.  Styling it with great inexpensive yet stunning bathroom decors and furniture will do.  Checking out your local Dimension One Spas hot tub dealers through d1spas.com for compact hot tubs and home spas is also a wise step to take.  They’ve got interesting offers and deals on portable hot tubs, aquatic fitness systems and home spas.

In a nutshell, it’s not about having Jacuzzis and other luxurious bathroom features that will make this prime area comforting and revitalizing.  It’s actually how you style and how you keep it organized and neat all the time.

Baby Steps Can Turn Your Mess into a Sanctuary


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Many people believe that keeping their home clean is too difficult. With mountains of clutter to overcome and inches of grime to conquer, just getting started can seem completely impossible. Keeping your personal space clean and orderly will not only improve your house, but it will relax your body, soothe your mind, and replenish your soul. Getting your house in tip top shape does not have to be a Herculean task.

The first place to begin is the kitchen. You need to eat and if you don’t have clean surfaces, you cannot prepare food that is safe. If you only have time to fix one room, start with the kitchen and make a routine so you can do a little bit of upkeep each day.

The bathrooms come next. Start with the sink, moving on to the toilet. The bath or shower should come next, then the floor. If mold and mildew has taken over and a good scrubbing can’t do the entire job, clean it as best you can and then make an assessment. Perhaps you need specialty cleansers for areas like tile. Check your caulking to see that it is in good condition and no grime has grown in its crevices. It may need to be stripped and redone, which makes a huge difference in the appearance of your bathrooms. If your shower tray is cracked or beyond help, consider replacing it and possibly your sink as well.

Next move on to tackling clutter in the rooms you use the most, whether a living room or den, followed by the most used bedrooms. With the clutter gone and reorganized, dust and vacuum, then tackle the windows one room at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and an especially messy house will need more time. Just segment the mess and maintain what you have already cleaned and you’ll be there in no time!

Fantastic Bathroom Designs


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Wouldn’t you want to stay in the bathroom all day long if it is designed similarly to any of these:

br7 br5 br3 br2

Aren’t they all just grand and astonishing?  These are the bathrooms that really stand by the meaning of the other term coined to them: “comfort room”.  Because it’s truly pampering and relaxing just lounging by the tubs and jacuzzis.  The interiors are lovely and these are the perfect areas to relax after, let’s say a tiring day or after going through a stressful reviews of your expenses like bills, term life insurance dues, mortgages, taxes, etc.

I fancy the first bathroom’s fireplace and the LCD TV perfectly positioned across the tub.  I love the modern Balinese style of the second bathroom as well as the inviting recliners.  I love the simplicity of bathroom number 3.  Squeaky clean and purity are the instant perception.  The lighting effects of the last bathroom plus the carpet-like look of the tiles and the comfy seat makes you think that you’re in a living room and not inside a bathroom.

If I win the lottery and construct a new house, I’ll make it a point to design the bathrooms exactly as the pictures above.

**Pictures snagged from http://www.freshome.com.

Vessel Sinks


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Vessel sinks or sometimes called, Glass sinks, are my dream bathroom sinks and the hottest current trend in bathroom design. It is coined as “vessel” sink because it adapts the shape of a vessel. Aside from the aesthetic charm, a lot prefer go for this type because it occupies very less space both width and height wise. It only contains a small sink with vessel faucets and a beautiful stand matching in color and design with the bowl. Another advantage is the control on the setup customization like the bowl and stand can be changed and the vessel faucets can be replaced with a single one type. Shapes and designs come in great variety, too. They make great bathroom vanities and give you a feel as if you’re in luxurious and posh hotels.

Vessel 1vessel 2vessel 3vessel5


It would be nice if our dear Little Mansion can have these vessel sinks for the two bathrooms. Price wise, they’re a little steeper than the regular ones so I’m not sure if our little budget can still accommodate this upgrade if ever.

Sink Options


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When we visited the adjacent twin unit of our dear Little Mansion last time, I got a glimpsed of how ours will look like. The construction of the said unit was prioritized since the US-based owner will be needing it as a vacation house for this month. The house is fully furnished already and is just waiting for the occupants for the big move. We took note of the details of everything and since we can somehow customize to our liking some stuffs like the sinks, cabinets, etc, that following are what we have as options particularly for the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

We don’t want anything fancy like those luxurious sinks in hotels. We want it uncommon yet just simple such as this Overmount Porcelain Vanity Bowl from MR Direct Sinks and Faucets. It’s interesting to note that it’s just $23..so affordable yet dainty especially if partnered with a brushed nickel two handle faucet such as below.

Porcelain Bowlfaucet

As for the kitchen sinks, we’re amenable to what the developer plans to install. Their choice of undermount kitchen sink satisfactorily matches ours. I can’t find the exact model but it has great resemblance to this:

Steel Undermount Sink 2318W

But seeing these undermount kitchen sinks convinces me to have another type installed in the main kitchen (the one near the dining table as we also have a dirty kitchen in the service area). I find them really unique and I bet my son will definitely enjoy washing his hands in his “own territory” in the middle. Then we can say…”a family that washes together, stays together”.

Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink 4221W

I love browsing MR Direct’s huge array of bathroom and kitchen sink selection. But what I love more is their economical costings because they manufacture their own sinks and direct sell them to clients. Their offerings are at par with those branded ones but way low-priced than Kohler, Blanco, Elkay, and Franke sinks.