Pink Kitchen


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Pink Kitchen

I wonder how the husband will react if I suggest to have our kitchen repainted with pink like this.  So girly, prim and too cute.  I can already imagine his “big-no!” facial reaction. LOL Well, after all, we got two boys in the house and I’m the only “Queen” yet so definitely, boys rule and boy’s color shall prevail.

Quick Easy Dinner Recipes


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The recipe books above are my recent additions to my ever growing collection of cookbooks. The recent fascination about collecting such has got to do with the Big Move since, as I’ve shared long before, that I’m not a good cook. We will be on our own soon (meaning no MIL or a house maid to cook for us) so there’s no other better way to prepare myself for this challenge than to collect and compile recipes from all resources I could get hold.

It is also in this light why I put up a food blog a few months ago so I’ll have an online venue for my kitchen chronicles – all those adventures and even the misadventures I’ll be faced. For now, I have linked in there a few Quick easy dinner recipes which will be my very first undertaking in my pursuit to become the Queen of the Kitchen. Most of these recipes include the common native dishes that my boys’ palates totally adore like Sinigang, Paksiw and Sinampalukan for the little boy and Nilaga for the big boss. (Take note how their taste buds differ). I have also already compiled a few pasta dishes (for me) like variants of spaghetti and a carbonara recipe which has become a holiday staple for us.

I’ve always been wishing to attend culinary schooling to improve and further my newbie cooking skills but unfortunately, I don’t have that much money to splurge for such formal cooking studies. I heard that a year’s tuition in ICA’s about Php 300,000. I can’t afford that much so I’ll just wait and rely on free cooking demos sponsored by big time brands like Nestle and Del Monte, if ever there will be. I have also signed up to their cooking clubs where they send out newsletters, freebies and free recipes via mail. So if in case cooking demos won’t be available, I’ll just explore in my own turf and stage my own cooking demo.

Customized Cabinets


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I have always reiterated that while I call our future home Little Mansion, it’s not actually a grand and luxurious dwelling similar to the ones situated in exclusive villages. We just call it a mansion simply because it is the home of our dreams. And for you to have an idea how little it will be, I’m going to share a replica of how our kitchen will look like. The other on the right is the service area or commonly referred to as the dirty kitchen.

Main Kitchen—————–Dirty Kitchen

This is actually a picture of Little Mansion’s adjacent unit’s kitchen. Ours will be deviated a little as ours will be made somewhat similar to kitchen cabinets Richmond styles at We requested to have them customized by having glass display cabinet doors instead of such enclosed wooden ones. I’ve seen a lot of custom kitchen cabinets Richmond elegant designs and that’s what we submitted to the developer for them to make use of as a pattern. What I love about our developer is he’s so flexible. As long as there’s no major reconstruction to be done with the structures, he’s amenable to every preferred styles and designs we tell him.

Aside from the kitchen cabinets, we also requested for custom cabinets Richmond in the bedrooms upstairs. Our aunt who has interior design background drafted the style that we wanted and hopefully, they will be able to build it as is.

Sink Options


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When we visited the adjacent twin unit of our dear Little Mansion last time, I got a glimpsed of how ours will look like. The construction of the said unit was prioritized since the US-based owner will be needing it as a vacation house for this month. The house is fully furnished already and is just waiting for the occupants for the big move. We took note of the details of everything and since we can somehow customize to our liking some stuffs like the sinks, cabinets, etc, that following are what we have as options particularly for the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

We don’t want anything fancy like those luxurious sinks in hotels. We want it uncommon yet just simple such as this Overmount Porcelain Vanity Bowl from MR Direct Sinks and Faucets. It’s interesting to note that it’s just $ affordable yet dainty especially if partnered with a brushed nickel two handle faucet such as below.

Porcelain Bowlfaucet

As for the kitchen sinks, we’re amenable to what the developer plans to install. Their choice of undermount kitchen sink satisfactorily matches ours. I can’t find the exact model but it has great resemblance to this:

Steel Undermount Sink 2318W

But seeing these undermount kitchen sinks convinces me to have another type installed in the main kitchen (the one near the dining table as we also have a dirty kitchen in the service area). I find them really unique and I bet my son will definitely enjoy washing his hands in his “own territory” in the middle. Then we can say…”a family that washes together, stays together”.

Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink 4221W

I love browsing MR Direct’s huge array of bathroom and kitchen sink selection. But what I love more is their economical costings because they manufacture their own sinks and direct sell them to clients. Their offerings are at par with those branded ones but way low-priced than Kohler, Blanco, Elkay, and Franke sinks.

Lego Kitchen


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I grew up having Legos as part of our childhood toys. My sisters and I would interactively create each our own dream houses and other structures. It is one of the most popular all time favorite construction games and with children around the world spending 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks, there’s no doubt that Lego fans, not only the kids, but even those young at heart would love to have this as part of their home furnishings.

Do take note that this is not just a imprinted or painted design but this a kitchen center (IKEA Kitchen Island) covered with more than 20,000 real LEGO pieces. Called the Munchausen LEGO Kitchen Centre, it was designed by Paris-based duo designers Simon Pillard & Philippe Rosetti. (Posted via The Cool Hunter)