Quick Easy Dinner Recipes


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The recipe books above are my recent additions to my ever growing collection of cookbooks. The recent fascination about collecting such has got to do with the Big Move since, as I’ve shared long before, that I’m not a good cook. We will be on our own soon (meaning no MIL or a house maid to cook for us) so there’s no other better way to prepare myself for this challenge than to collect and compile recipes from all resources I could get hold.

It is also in this light why I put up a food blog a few months ago so I’ll have an online venue for my kitchen chronicles – all those adventures and even the misadventures I’ll be faced. For now, I have linked in there a few Quick easy dinner recipes which will be my very first undertaking in my pursuit to become the Queen of the Kitchen. Most of these recipes include the common native dishes that my boys’ palates totally adore like Sinigang, Paksiw and Sinampalukan for the little boy and Nilaga for the big boss. (Take note how their taste buds differ). I have also already compiled a few pasta dishes (for me) like variants of spaghetti and a carbonara recipe which has become a holiday staple for us.

I’ve always been wishing to attend culinary schooling to improve and further my newbie cooking skills but unfortunately, I don’t have that much money to splurge for such formal cooking studies. I heard that a year’s tuition in ICA’s about Php 300,000. I can’t afford that much so I’ll just wait and rely on free cooking demos sponsored by big time brands like Nestle and Del Monte, if ever there will be. I have also signed up to their cooking clubs where they send out newsletters, freebies and free recipes via mail. So if in case cooking demos won’t be available, I’ll just explore in my own turf and stage my own cooking demo.

Cabinet Designs


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Okay..now it’s crunch time. I haven’t met the required number of tasks I’ve scheduled to finish by this hour. Well, I got hooked and didn’t notice of the winding time as I just browsed nonstop for furnishing ideas for the house and researching tips on losing abdominal fat. I may be as skinny as a bamboo to the envy of many but the bulging tummy isn’t just right and unpleasant.

I may have lounged too long at home decorating sites but I feel accomplished. I found the exact design I wish to show our contractor for the kitchen cabinets. Also, I got some more bedroom cabinet inspiration. With the tons of clothes that we three have, it’s a requirement that we have ample spaced yet compact closet.

Wooden Cabinets with Glass Doors (photo snagged from Brandon Barre)

Cabinet from Deco-Designing

Customized Cabinets


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I have always reiterated that while I call our future home Little Mansion, it’s not actually a grand and luxurious dwelling similar to the ones situated in exclusive villages. We just call it a mansion simply because it is the home of our dreams. And for you to have an idea how little it will be, I’m going to share a replica of how our kitchen will look like. The other on the right is the service area or commonly referred to as the dirty kitchen.

Main Kitchen—————–Dirty Kitchen

This is actually a picture of Little Mansion’s adjacent unit’s kitchen. Ours will be deviated a little as ours will be made somewhat similar to kitchen cabinets Richmond styles at OldRiverCabinets.com. We requested to have them customized by having glass display cabinet doors instead of such enclosed wooden ones. I’ve seen a lot of custom kitchen cabinets Richmond elegant designs and that’s what we submitted to the developer for them to make use of as a pattern. What I love about our developer is he’s so flexible. As long as there’s no major reconstruction to be done with the structures, he’s amenable to every preferred styles and designs we tell him.

Aside from the kitchen cabinets, we also requested for custom cabinets Richmond in the bedrooms upstairs. Our aunt who has interior design background drafted the style that we wanted and hopefully, they will be able to build it as is.

The Grill Debate


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My boys and I spent our Sunday morning window shopping in the mall for appliances and furniture that we will soon equip Little Mansion. By the way, we checked out the construction last Saturday and it’s nice to see that the second floor has been done. According to the foreman, they will now proceed with the roofing this week. As I was saying, we had a fun time canvassing for stuffs at the Home and Appliance section of the mall. Albeit we’re having little debates and we don’t agree on some things like the preferred brand to get or the style and design of a furniture, I love the fact we both have a “say” on these things and that everything gets settled right away after we compromise. One particular instance was about the barbecue grills selection. Roasted meats like chicken and pork chops are the husband’s favorites and his prayers are answered when the contractor allotted an open space in the service area (near the dirty kitchen) where we can mount a grill.

27 inch Built-In Lynx Grill with Rotisserie

He’s insisting that we get built in grills. I believe he got inspiration from the grills he saw at Outdora as the descriptions of his desired types match these Lynx Grill models (see pictures above). He even mentioned about Rotisserie features which, he says, will be useful when having a big party or if grilling under time constraints. While I agree that these models are heavy-duty welded and it has superb design and high end styling, I don’t think that having a built in type is necessary in our little home.

E250s Pedestal Electric Fire Magic Grill

I prefer to have the electric free standing fire magic grills. They’re equally durable but they are sleek and can be stored easily. I was thinking of using the open space for something else so I am refuting his built in grill idea. Also, I think an electric one is better since fuels like natural gas or the liquid propane isn’t good for my son’s respiratory ailment. Another point I’m raising, I like a free standing grill so we can bring it along when we have a swimming party or a picnic adventure somewhere else.

We haven’t agreed to what we’ll get but it seems I’ll have this my way after I gave in to his preferred air conditioner type.

Our Shopping Box Arrived.


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I was reading about social security disability benefits online (I’m impressed how Allsup has helped more than hundred thousands of people receive their entitled Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare benefits), when our “shopping box” from Boston arrived last Thursday noon. These are the Black Friday loots we shopped through a friend in the US and she sent the box via sea freight. My friends are excited over their pillows and mattresses, toys and apparels for their kids, digital frame while I was all smiles when I saw the pots and pans, towels and Corelle plates bought from Walmart. Yes, our friend’s the expert when it comes to packing.

But guess who’s the most excited to open the box!

Sige buksan mo asherOpen na bilis

These are my loots…so ready to have Little Mansion, huh?

Mga plato't palayok ko